Wisconsin CLE Seminar – October 12, 2012

Wisconsin attorneys, if you represent a clients that have permanent disability, either partial or total, this seminar is for you!

Measuring Earning Capacity Loss is a two hour Wisconsin CLE approved seminar held at the InterContinental Hotel in Milwaukee on Friday, October 12, 2012.  Participants will receive detailed instruction on defining earning capacity loss, defining reduced earnings and reduced worklife expectancy for persons with a disability.  Case studies specific to various types of partial disability will be examined.  Presenting will be David Gibson, MBA, CPA, MRC.

Senior AnalystMr. Gibson is a senior vocational economic analyst for Vocational Economics, Inc. He provides expert testimony in the areas of lost earnings due to death, disability, or loss of employment, as well as commercial damages, business valuation, and the analysis of complex financial issues.  He has provided testimony in both state and federal courts in approximately twenty states.

Mr. Gibson has researched and written extensively on the impact of disability on earnings and worklife expectancy using several noted studies.  His published work includes The Gamboa Gibson Worklife Tables, formerly The New Worklife Expectancy Tables and Daubert, Disability, and Worklife Expectancy. Mr. Gibson’s work with the relatively new American Community Survey has included detailed examination of the impact of physical and cognitive disabilities on earnings and employment.

Registration is free and a lunch buffet will be served.   To download the agenda and registration form, please click the following link: Measuring Earning Capacity Loss – Wisconsin  Please fax the registration form to the Headquarters office of Vocational Economics, Inc. at 502-589-2750 by Friday, October 05, 2012.

We hope to see you there!


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Florida Attorneys – West Palm Beach CLE Seminar September 28

Measuring Earning Capacity Loss, a Florida CLE Seminar                                         September 28, 2012   West Palm Beach, FL                                                                               Noon – 2pm

CEO & Senior AnalystIf you represent a client that is permanently disabled, either partial or total…

this seminar is for you!

It is not too late to register for Measuring Earning Capacity Loss  being held this Friday, September 28, 2012 at the Hilton Palm Beach Hotel in West Palm Beach, FL.  Dr. Anthony Gamboa, Senior Analyst for the Palm Beach Gardens office of Vocational Economics, Inc. will present on the following:

  • Defining earning capacity loss
  • Defining reduced earnings and reduced worklife expectancy for persons with a disability
  • Case studies specific to various types of partial disability will be examined.

Registration is free and attendees will receive 2.5 hours of Florida CLE credits.               Lunch is provided.     

To register call (800) 227-0198 ext. 0 by Wednesday, September 26 at 5pmEST.



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Obtaining and Retaining an Adequate Award: Avoiding Legal Malpractice

Obtaining and Retaining and Adequate Award:  Avoiding Legal Malpractice features nationally renowned speakers presenting on topics such as: Neuropsychological Evaluations, Identifying and Handling a Traumatic Brain Injury Case, Long-Term Complications a Disabled Patient Faces Over a Lifetime, Life Care Plans, Defining Earning Capacity Loss, Benefits and Risks of a Structured Settlement and Ethical Issues Never Considered with Structures.

Presenters include:   Thomas Sullivan, Ph.D.; Bruce Stern, JD; Robert Eilers, JD; Laura Lampton, RN, BSN, CRRN, CNLCP; Sara Ford, MRC, CRC; Michael Kessler, Esq.; Martin Jacobson, Esq.; and Hans Poppe, Esq.

To obtain the agenda and registration form, please click the following link: http://www.vocecon.com/pdfs/ObtainRetain.pdf

Vocational Economics, Inc. is excited to partner with the Kentucky Justice Association for this six hour CLE seminar being held on November 16, 2012 from 9am-4:30pm at the Marriott Hotel & Convention Center in downtown Louisville, KY.  Registration fee is $200.  Proceeds of the seminar will go to the Kentucky Justice Association.

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VEI Welcomes Kourtney Layton, MRC, CRC, LVRC

Vocational Economics, Inc. welcomes Kourtney Layton to serve as a vocational analyst for its new Salt Lake City, UT operation.

Kourtney Layton, MRC, CRC, LVRC is a vocational analyst with Vocational Economics, LLC. She provides expert vocational testimony specific to earning capacity and worklife expectancy for persons with a disability. She also provides testimony in family law venues and as a Vocational Expert in administrative hearings for the Social Security Administration’s Office of Disability Adjudication and Review.

Ms. Layton holds a Master of Science in  Rehabilitation Counseling from Utah State University. She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from University of Utah. She is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and a Licensed Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor in the State of Utah.

Ms. Layton has experience working with clients with disabilities ranging in age from 14-22 in both the special education and traditional school settings and specializes in assisting her clients’ transition from the education system to the workplace. Ms. Layton identifies and coordinates resources to aid her clients in issues pertaining to guardianship, social security, benefits planning, service brokers, and negotiates customized employment placements. She also refers the parents of her clients to support groups through the Utah Parent Center.

Ms. Layton has served as secretary of the Utah Association for Persons in Supported Employment, district representative of the HB-45 Supported Employment Pilot Program, vice chair and chair of the Utah Public Employees Association, and regional representative of the New Futures Supported Employment Training Group. She also served as South Valley district representative of the Murray School District Transition Specialist/Utah State Office of Rehabilitation. Ms. Layton has written multiple articles which have been published in local journals and newsletters.

For over thirty-five years, Vocational Economics, Inc.’s team of vocational & economic analysts, medical doctor and registered nurse life care planners have specialized in quantifying damages for persons with permanent partial or total disability, including cases of death.   Our team of experts combined have serviced the legal community for more than thirty-five years in all fifty states.


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New Salt Lake City Office

Vocational Economics, Inc. (VEI) is pleased to announce its recent expansion into Salt Lake City, UT.  For more information on the Salt Lake City office and the experts serving the state of Utah, please click the following link: http://www.vocecon.com/markets/saltlake.aspx

VEI is a national full-service firm specializing in quantifying damages for persons with permanent partial or total disability, including cases of death.  Our services include:  vocational & economic analysis, life care plans, economic, and financial & related analysis.  VEI has serviced the legal community for over thirty-five years in all fifty states.

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Earning Capacity as a Bucket

As a vocational economic analyst, I measure the impact that disability has on earning capacity.  So I thought I would devote my first blog entry to a fundamental question – what is earning capacity?

Vocational Economic Analyst

Phillip Sidlow, MS, NCC, F/ABVE

One way to think about the concept of earning capacity is to liken it to a bucket.  A bucket may be able to hold two gallons of water, or four gallons, but whatever the maximum amount of water it can hold is the capacity of that bucket.

Earning capacity works the same way.  An individual’s earning capacity may be best represented by their actual earnings, for instance a 56-year-old physical therapist earning over $100,000 per year.  But sometimes an individual’s earning capacity is not the same as that person’s actual earnings.  Imagine, for example an individual with a law degree who got married, ceased working for a corporate law firm, and now works part-time as a yoga instructor.  In this case, the individual’s bucket has just a splash of water in it.  His or her earning capacity is far greater than the actual earnings from yoga instruction.



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NEW!! Worklife Expectancy Tables Released

The Gamboa Gibson Worklife Tables provide a valuable resource for trial attorneys. If your client becomes disabled, how does that disability translate into real dollars? How much would he expect to lose over the remainder of his working life? This book provides the detail you need, calculated and presented by Dr. A. M. Gamboa, Jr., a vocational counselor, researcher, and former professor at the University of Louisville, and David S. Gibson, a certified rehabilitation counselor with degrees in business administration and rehabilitation counseling.

Twenty years after the initial publication, the Gamboa Gibson Worklife Tables remain the only source that provides worklife expectancy statistics adjusted for disability as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau. While you might easily calculate a loss in annual earnings, these tables address the number of years that a person is expected to be alive and actively employed in the future.

To order your copy of the Gamboa Gibson Worklife Expectancy Tables, please contact Trial Guides or click this link: http://www.trialguides.com/book/gamboa-gibson-worklife-tables/


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Los Angeles Office Relocation

Vocational Economics (VEI) is excited to announce the relocation of its Los Angeles office.  Effective January 2012, the new address for VEI is:

5900 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 2600  Los Angeles, CA 90036  PH:  310-533-1000

VEI is a national firm specializing in measuring earning capacity loss for persons with permanent partial or total disability, including cases of death.  For more information on VEI’s Los Angeles experts, please visit the following: http://www.vocecon.com/markets/los_angeles.aspx


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Exciting Chicago Announcement

In response to Vocational Economic Inc.’s (VEI) growth of its Chicago operation; VEI relocated its office and expanded its services in order to better serve the legal community.  In June of 2011 VEI relocated to:

180 N. LaSalle Street, Suite 3700 Chicago, IL 60601

Simultaneously, we are excited to announce that Ms. Amy Gavin has joined our Chicago office, working as a case analyst with David Gibson.  Amy’s move to Chicago provides our customers with more direct attention and streamlined service. 

Amy L. Gavin is a case analyst with Vocational Economics, Inc.  She holds a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Integrated Strategic Communication from the University of Kentucky.  Ms. Gavin moves to Chicago from our Louisville office, where she has been an analyst for two-and-a-half years and has analyzed hundreds of cases involving loss of earnings due to disability, death, and loss of employment.



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Dynamics of Earning Capacity

Earning capacity represents and individuals ability or power to earn money.  In many cases of permanent disability or death, a lifetime loss of expected earning results.  This article discusses the components of earning capacity and human capital and explains how an understanding of both are essential to litigation involving lost wages or future paymenVocational Economic Analystts.

The article written by Sara A. Ford was published in the September 2011 issue of Attorney at Law magazine.  Ms. Ford is a vocational economic analyst for Vocational Economics, Inc.  She can be reached by calling 502-589-0995.


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